Advocate to Run, Bike, Paddle Around Randall's Island to Raise Money and

WHEN: Sunday November 26 2006 10 AM
WHERE: North West Corner of Randall's Island
CONTACT: Harry J. Bubbins

On Sunday November 26th, local advocate and activist Harry Bubbins will run,
bike and paddle in a kayak around Randall's Island to raise awareness about
various projects that would damage this important resource for all New
Yorkers. This mini triathlon is also to raise money for preservation
efforts led by Friends of Brook Park and other organizations.

"The proposed private beach club, theme park and power plant would destroy
26 acres of ball fields and open space," Harry noted. "If David Blaine can
hang from a hook and get media coverage for his foibles, I figured I could
run, bike and kayak around a location that is really meaningful." Bubbins
further noted the proposal that would grant exclusive access to 2o elite
schools for over 20 years, to the detriment of the rest of New Yorkers.

The grassroots campaign to protect the public access and natural areas of
Randall's Island has included a boycott of the theme park proposers, Aquatic
Development Group and the public relations firms associated with it, as well
as a meeting with The Mayor. (pic attached)

The immediate goal of $1,000 has been achieved with advance pledges, but the
overall fundraising drive is to reach $45,000.

Bubbins noted that there is still time to make a Pledge at:


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