From: Liz Krueger
>Sent: Oct 25, 2006 11:05 AM
>Subject: RE: Randalls Island fields
>Thank you for your emails regarding Randall's Island. I have been following
>these issues, and have serious concerns regarding both the waterpark plans
>and the proposal to allow private schools preferential access to the
>Randall's Island ballfields in exchange for funding renovation of those
>fields. Such a transfer of public parkland into private hands is simply not
>acceptable, and does a disservice to other communities with greater needs
>for access to recreational space.
>I have been in contact with both the Borough President Scott Stringer, and
>State Senator Jose Serrano, who represents Randall's Island, to discuss
>these issues. I was pleased that Borough President Stringer opposed the
>ballfield contract in a recent vote. I also understand that Senator Serrano
>is working with Councilwoman Mark Vivitero and a number of community groups
>to challenge these proposals, and have offered my assistance to them in
>their efforts.
>Unfortunately, at present access to Randall's Island from nearby communities
>is extremely difficult. In addition to protecting these public resources
>from private encroachment, it is critical that the city improve access from
>East Harlem and other communities, which will members of those communities
>to take advantage of this valuable open space. I will be working with the
>Borough President and the elected officials for these areas to address this
>Thank you again for writing.
>State Senator Liz Krueger
>211 East 43rd Street Suite 1300
>New York NY 10017
>(212) 490-9535