NYC Department of Parks and Recreation
Dear Mr. Warner Johnston,

I have been following the issue of the proposed private water park on
Randall's Island, as have other members of the New York community. I am
very pleased that this ill-conceived plan seems to be breaking at the
seams. I am a student of architecture, landscape architecture and urban
design at the City College of New York. In my opinion, replacing public
land with private land is a step back. This area needs further public
development and the replacement of land used by private industry be
turned into greenways as is the trend throughout many cities of the
world. This, and expanding access to current parks and recreation can
help remedy the environmental injustice incurred by the surrounding
South Bronx and Upper Manhattan communities. Since your office holds
the power to "pull the plug", I cannot urge you enough to use it. I
understand the proposed use would still be parkland, but would entail a
level of exclusion. I hope you side with the public interest as your
office has, and continue to be invaluable in elevating the quality of
life for the populace.

I look forward to your written response,

Rodolfo Leyton